Be bold. Be different. But, be focused.

We believe great apps need great users.

We are comitted to helping ambitious developers and brands get the users they need, and reach for the stars they want.

The Beginning

How it all started

appalgo initially started out over a decade ago at the height of the mobile boom by developing a technologically and data-driven platform aimed at optimizing media buying, and more specifically, the bidding process (with a focus on video). The goal, from the beginning, was to help mobile marketers navigate the stormy waters of media buying, and bring a sense of structure and sanity to the field.

And then

Levelling the playing field

But as technologies became more and more available, and to a certain extent, even standardized, mobile marketers could no longer rely on technology alone to gain competitive advantage in the market. We were one of the first to fully understand this, and as a result we identified the one differentiating factor that helps our clients gain that competitive edge that often separates success rom blah; creative; more specifically, focused creative.

Standing Out

Obviously, as a full service mobile marketing agency, we continue to provide the highest level of data driven performance marketing, fueled by our programmatic-platform capabilities, but if there is one thing that makes appalgo really stand out, it’s our pinpoint design and optimization capabilities that consistently deliver creative that works; creative that gets it done.

First and foremost, we are focused on creating value and bringing incremental growth

Roy Weiss



  • Roy Weiss

    Founder & CEO

  • Noa Landa

    General Manager

  • Jenny Rolova

    VP, Business Operations

  • Guy Regev

    Director, PPC and Social

  • Yuval Groberman

    Director, Sales and Business Development

  • Adi Hauer

    Team lead, Supply Partners