appalgo results driven platform

We have the tools and expertise to target the most precise audiences - for the most impactful results.
Explore Performance
  • ROI measurments
  • Brand safety & compliance control
  • Audiences targeting & Retargeting
  • RTB / Programmatic
  • Data collection

Our method

Our smart media method provides our clients with a clearer and more accurate target reach for optimal performance.
Vertical & Channel Targeting

We provide a gateway to any audience segment and vertical.

Viewability & Transparency

Target and bid while ensuring viewable impressions along with site level transparency.

Fraud Tools

Our advanced SafePlay technology and strict policy ensure a fraud free environment. 

Direct Supply

We partner with premium content owners, sites and app developers to ensure better quality and control.

RTB / programmatic

Reach your exact audience using our programmatic technology and RTB integrations to achieve outstanding results and scalability.

clarity makes the stRongest impression

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